Here you will find some selected publications by the coordination centre ‘Men in ECEC’ that may also be of interest in an international context.

Our recommendations:

In the framework of the ESF model programme ‘‘MORE Men in ECEC’, 2010–2013) 16 model projects in various German federal states developed strategies, instruments and measures to increase the proportion of men working in ECEC. In collaboration with the model projects, the coordination centre ‘Men in ECEC’ has now published the outcomes, reflections, experiences and methods. The results are eight different recommendations on the especially relevant fields of action. We have selected individual texts from among these recommendations that may be of international interest and had them translated, and present them in English here.

The eight recommendations deal with the following central fields of action:

  • Gender-sensitive personnel development
  • Gender-sensitive public relations
  • Gender-sensitive pedagogy
  • Gender-sensitive professional orientation
  • Use of volunteer services
  • Promoting men’s working groups
  • Protecting male ECEC workers from sweeping suspicions/Protecting children from sexualized violence
  • Gender-sensitive work with fathers and parents

Our study


Further specialist publications by staff members of the Coordination Centre ‘Men in ECEC’


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